Monday, July 19, 2010

Latest Quilt Top

I've been possessed..... I've been possessed by a quilting spirit. All I wanna do is quilt. Well, aside from loving on LMW.

Last week, I purchased fabric for a little baby girl's quilt. This particular project is for a Christmas present, but did I put it off? Noooo. I was driven to get the top done immediately. And here is the result.....

I'm not a fan of the time it takes for traditional applique, so I did what I have found is called "raw edge applique" where you secure the appliqued piece with wonder under and then stitch around the edges. Of course, when the quilt is washed, it frays a bit, but that only adds to the "homeyness" of the quilt.

I'd really like to work on the back of this, but have pushed the wisteria quilt aside for long enough. I will now endeavor to finish the back of that, and then begin the arduous task of quilting it on my regular sewing machine. The one (I might add) that is giving me a bit of trouble since it is 30+years old. I'm really really hoping my wonderful husband is going to gift me with a new one come birthday time in September.... someone put a bug in his ear, eh?