Friday, July 9, 2010

Partial Quilt and Definite Decision

I finished hand piecing the main portion of my Wisteria quilt.

SR couldn't see the wisteria in it, poor thing, but I think it's obvious. In any case, last night I figured out how I want the edges to look so I'll be tackling that next.
I didn't really want to give this quilt up. It was for my own enjoyment and use, but......God kept nudging me about it. And nudging and nudging. And then, my Mother was diagnosed with more cancer in her colon and around her liver. And it was if God gave me a big shove instead of a little nudge.

You see, purple is my Mom's favorite color. And all along I kept thinking, I really should give it to her, but I just didn't want to. Now, I feel the desire need to give it to her. And making that decision led to another one. I will be giving up my plans to hand stitch it completely. Time is a factor here, and I want her to be able to use it asap. Not that I think she is going to leave the earth soon, but I want her to have it as long as possible to wrap up in when she's cold, and remind her that I love her.

So, back to the sewing machine I go. And gladly.


  1. what a lovely post. the quilt came out beautifully, and i love that you'll be giving it to your mom. more than that, i love that you feel led to give it to your mom.

  2. *sniff sniff* You are a wonderful daughter. And an even better mother. And an even better grandma. I love you lots.

  3. I agree with all the above! Poor SR...sometimes a man could use a woman's vision, huh??? I think Aunt S will LOVE IT!