Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Table Redo

I finally finished the "remodeling"of my little table.


The process:

I removed the slats from the top, and kept the original screws for future use.

I then spray painted the base with this lovely Ocean Blue color. This is what I wanted my chairs to be, but decided to just keep the green. And in the end, it would have been too much blue anyway.

Next, SR and I took the board and trim we purchased at Home Depot, cut it, and assembled the trim around the edges using wood glue and finishing nails.

Staining came next, then I gave it three coats of oil based sealer in a gloss finish. Why the gloss? Because that's what I already had.

We took those original screws, and attached the top to the base, and then I roughed it up just a little to allow the black to peek through.



  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! I would have never thought of the ocean blue and I REALLY like how it turned out. You're right on the green and blue. They're amazing together! I can feel myself relaxing just looking at it!!! :D