Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Power of Three

Three shirts that is...

The two on the right were inspired by Tanya at Trey and Lucy. LeLe and I planned to make Win some the minute we saw them.

The other is from a website LeLe shared with me, and I don't remember where it is. But the 2 is for Win's 2 month birthday which is...July 4th! The stars seemed appropriate.

Believe it or not, the guitar and the 2 fabric came from my old scrub tops. They are very colorful and soft and I thought they'd be perfect for something like this.


  1. i love great ideas like using old clothing as fabric! as i'm downgrading during the move, i don't know that i'll be able to keep many of my old clothes, but i might start looking at goodwill for fabric options!

  2. Those are PRECIOUS!!! I love them!!