Friday, June 11, 2010

Afternoon Session

Our church is giving two sisters a joint baby shower this Sunday afternoon. Along with some baby items I purchased, I thought I'd add some burp cloths. Both are having girls, and their names begin with the letter L.

I whipped these up yesterday afternoon along with one more in a wilder, more fun color.

I'm still working on the Wisteria quilt..... it kind of settles me in the evenings and I wind down. Sort of like a bedtime ritual. I am anxious to get all the squares put together. I think I may be a third of the way finished. Maybe one half. Hard to tell at this point. There is a part of me that often considers using the sewing machine, just to speed things along, but then I talk myself out of it and and glad I do.

I have other projects in the works, and I hope to post pictures soon.


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