Friday, December 7, 2012

Joint Effort

This morning LMW and I created something fun together. It's the first time he's actually cooperated enough to actually finish something.

First we traced his hands. (He tried very hard not to move them but it was hard when he didn't like Nanna holding his fingers still.)

Next we traced his foot. (And this was even harder because the pen tickled.)

Then we transferred the markings onto Heat and Bond. Then onto fabric, then onto his long sleeve tee.

He sat in my lap while I sewed around the design and really would rather have used the "scwew divah to fitz the sewing sheen", but I convinced him not to.

 When it was finished, this is what we had.

A little slick paint for the eyes and mouth and we have Rudolf. Or is it Rudolph?
He couldn't stop feeling of it.
My happy little crafter in the making.

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  1. How cute! Very clever of you and look at that smile! Yes, I would say he was quite pleased with his work.