Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kitchen Fun

The last two days I've been doing a little decorative painting in hopes of bringing some new life to the decor above my kitchen cabinets. I have ideas in my head, and slowly I'm implementing them one by one.

First I used blocks of 2x4s my husband cut off for me to add the word "FAITH" to the mix.
I Mod Podged scrapbook paper for the background and painted the letters on with acrylic craft paint. I then coated it again with the Mod Podge.

On to the next area.
I took a wooden plaque from Walmart, base painted it with cream, then brushed on some yellow, orange and brown. I sanded down some areas to make it look a little worn. Then I painted the words "EAT" on it.
I need to add a bit of greenery to the area, but it's beginning to come together nicely.
I'm not crazy about the blue pitcher, but one: my mother-in-law gave it to me and I needed to display it somewhere obvious and two: I don't have anything else to go there yet. It will work itself out eventually. And in the meantime I'm enjoying the process.

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  1. I love your new decorations - did you have a stencil for the letters? Maybe you could find a kitchen towel with blue and green on it to kind of drape out of the would tie the colors together? blessings, marlene