Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Work

I was able to finish one of the tee quilt orders this weekend. It was easier to do than the last one, and I love it how it turned out.
The young man had quite a few shirts, and someone had already cut a few of them up. Unfortunately, they weren't in a smooth and even cut, so those I had to tweak a bit. I used as many as I could, and added some to the back in a semi-random manner.
I was a little worried, because the last time I did a back like this, I got it pretty skewed. I took my time though, and said quite a few prayers. It's not perfect, but it's very close to being even with the front. I'm satisfied with the result.
 I hope my customer will be pleased. SR gave me a complement and said that anyone would be happy to have a quilt like that. Aww, thanks Hon!


  1. Very nicely done - great way to use those odd ball ones on the back and it really adds to the whole quilt.