Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Man's Bingo Board

The photo seems a little skewed, but the thing just won't lay flat. The batting I used is not very good and I will never buy any of it again. (I hope) It stretches terribly and makes the finished product look pretty uneven.

As you can tell, I "played around" with some fmq. Only my second attempt, so it's pretty wacky, but at least I had fun.  I even wrote the word free in the middle. Not sure it is readable though. LOL! In any case, he's ready to play May for Me Bingo!

1. stars           2. polka dots       3. bird           4. balls           5. smurf  

1. cat              2. bees            3. stripes     4. circles       5. cubes

1. car             2. ambulance     3. free       4. hog           5. horse

1. checks       2. grass         3. frog       4. flower      5. lines

1. paisley     2. blocks         3. mums   4. leopard print    5. swirls   

Here are the ladies who came up with this wonderful idea!!

Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks


  1. As they said on Laugh In, "Very interesting." How big are the squares?

  2. I'm on my kindle so I need to come back and see this. The word bingo looks neat and I can't tell how you did it.

  3. Your Bingo Card looks lovely and Yes I can see your FMQed free.....

  4. Great job on the quilting...way to go!

  5. Looking forward to May for Me and this BINGO game. Your bingo card looks great!

  6. Love little Man's Bingo Card! I like that your did the FMQ and even quilted the letters the the free spot! Cool!
    This is going to be so much fun!

  7. Wonderful BINGO card! Your letters are so cute.