Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quilting Mojo? Ohhh Mojo??

I can't find my quilting mojo lately. I have things I'm working on and will get a tee shirt quilt basted and ready to quilt today, but I haven't had any ideas running around in my head like I usually do.

I've decided to simplify my charity quilts and since making that decision, I've been on the lookout for an easy quilt pattern. So far, no luck. Maybe while I sit quilting the tee, I'll have some ideas pop in there. I usually come up with things while I'm doing something else.

Where and how do you come up with your ideas? Where do you get your inspiration?


  1. That's a dangerous question to ask me! Flowers , a building, a tree, a color, the fabric itself, re-visiting an old block, maybe something someone said, a child's story or song - almost anywhere, anytime, any way.

  2. if you're looking for an idea... i've always wanted a mug rug :-) and this one has a pocket so you can close it up with your spoon and some tea!
    i'd pay for it. for real.

  3. Sometimes just simple stripes or nine patch blocks work. You aren't going to believe this but just earlier today I thought up some patterns that I want to write and I event thought about sending them to a publisher. I thought about calling the book something on The lines of "refreshingly simple quilts". I need EQ!

  4. How about Rail Fence....have you already done that? It's pretty quick and simple. I agree with Tonya....nine patches are good, too. :)