Thursday, March 8, 2012


I finished my Bingo card! Yayyy for me! Wanna see? Well do ya??.... Ok, here you go.

 B  Truck   Balls   Car   Periwinkles   Airplane

I  Bees   Daisy   Cat   Lamb   Chicken

N Strawberry   Pig   Free   Barn   Dots

G  Shamrock  Tree  Leaves   Swirls   Checks  

O  Stars   Roses   Butterfly   Heart   Mums

I had a blast making this. And it was such a good use of scraps. I really need to get those things worked up into something because they are taking over my fabric cabinet.

I tried some new things with this because it's mine and no one else would care if I messed it up. It's the first time I've tried a criss cross grid and I loved it. I also practiced on my FMQ. It's a bit messy, but goes perfectly with the messy style lettering I appliqued.

No Arkansas Bingo card would be complete without a Razorback... *grin*

Now, bring on May for Me!!!
You can see all about it here, here, here, and here.


  1. There you go! Great use of what you have on hand and trying new techniques on a small project is wonderful.

  2. Very nice Bingo card Belinda. I can't wait for May for Me to start :)

  3. Great job! Really like your bingo card!

  4. It looks great and it is fun to try new things on little projects, isn't it?

  5. Love your BINGO Card ! Cool you practiced FMQ --- Perfect project for practicing! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Great job...I hope to join in the fun!

  7. What a cute bingo card!! Love the little Razorback block!

  8. Nice Bingo Card. Lovely quilting...

  9. Cute Bingo Card...I like your grid design!!

  10. Very nice! I love the swirls and polka dot free space.