Saturday, March 10, 2012

Funky Chicken Leg

That is the name of my latest charity quilt. The reason behind it is the fabric I used. Here's a close up.

I love it! And I made things easy, but using it for the backing as well as the piecing. I found it on clearance at Hancock's for $1.00 a yard and bought two yards. Probably should have bought more. And here is the finished quilt.

I had a little issue with stretching for some reason. I don't know if it was because the fabric had a lot of give, or if the batting I bought at Hobby Lobby was the culprit. It's different from what I've been using.  I'll have to be very careful with my next project because I bought enough to do a large quilt too.

The lighter piecing is a vintage fabric from my mother's stash. I'm so glad to be able to use it. I've been holding on to it for this kind of thing.

Now, let's do the Funky Chicken Y'all!
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  1. OH-MY-GOODNESS!!! That Funky Chicken Leg made me laugh out loud! I sure hope the nurses are able to match your quilts up to a family that will appreciate them. Like, maybe some little somebodys parents are chicken farmers. I'm going to pray about that! What a darling, funny little quilt! I can just see it over one of the isolettes!!!

  2. I love this little quilt, that is great fabric.

  3. Hi Belinda! Love your blog, and would like to share you and your blog with others. I am tagging you, so have fun and share...

  4. Love the chicken leg fabric -- love the quilt too! Enjoy your day!