Friday, November 4, 2011

Stepping Up

Ok, so I ran to the local Walmart and grabbed a few groceries this morning, with LMW in tow. While there, I purchased some dark red braid to finish out a bench redo. I took leftover fabric from reupholstering my dining chairs, and recovered this ugly thing I was deluded in thinking was nice. Ugh.

How terribly sad. What was I thinking? I wasn't, that's the problem. Oh well. Drum roll please......

I'm in love. And I know this time, it really does look better than it did when I began. I was going to buy some hangy down trim, but didn't want to cover up any of the cool legs.

This is a bench my grandfather made from scraps. It was an ugly gray color and was just plain wood. I used it for years as a step stool, and decided to step up my game with it. I'm very happy at the result. (Now)


  1. Wow! Talk about an ugly duckling to a swan. You done GOOD!!!