Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hot Pads

Catchy title huh? Couldn't think of anything else. But, I wanted to share what I finished up this week. Every piece of fabric used here, came from the stash my mother left. She loved and adored Christmas and was always making something for it.

I learned some lessons with them...

They aren't thick enough. So, next time I'll add more "innerds".

I am not good at binding. The more I do, the more I realize I'm just not good at it. I should have done it by hand, but as always, I was in a hurry. They are for several folks as a gift, and I wanted them ready to give out right after Thanksgiving. Next time, I'll seam them together and turn them right side out. No binding.

If I come up with more free time....tis to laugh...I'll make more for myself and take some Minutes for Me.

In any case, They are done, they are usable, and they were made with love. I would be happy to receive one and kept two for myself. The ones that didn't make the cut. Ha!


  1. Great job they turned out nicely.

    I had a thought when you said they are to thin. May I ask what you used on the backside? If some of them are the same size you could sew them on three sides (not the top) in the ditch of the binding you don't like. Then flip them pretty sides out and you have a slip pocket for your hand. That way you can elect to use it as a mitt and when things are really hot you can use them as a regular hot pad without putting your hand in the slip pocket. Not to mention 3/4ers of the binding you don't like ends up on the inside and only the top part shows. Just a thought they're nice the way they are too.

  2. They make this heat resistant stuff for hot pads. It has little metal flecks in it and you can buy it at Walmart. It would be near the heat n bond on the bolts.
    It is still thin and needs a layer of batting as well. I have a yard waiting for my someday minutes for me too.

  3. Very pretty - I find I rather hang such pretties as part of the season decor instead of using them. Nicely done and good for you in getting some ME time.

  4. How cool someone will get hot pads from your mothers stash of Christmas fabrics!!!

  5. I think they are wonderful , love the strip fabric in them , so nice your mothers stash is being used so creatively.

  6. These are very festive hot pads. They look great and I am sure they will be appreciated as gifts.

  7. Love the Holiday Hot Pads! Perfect that you chose it for your Minutes for Me! Glad you kept a couple for you! Going to feature you tonight as you were most viewed at the linky Party. Just got home from a Funeral - My Uncle - it was in another state - long trip today, but very glad we went. So the post will be up later tonight! Thanks for linking up to the Minutes for Me party!