Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peppermint Pillow

I carved out some Minutes for Me time today, and whipped up this pillow from a sweater. It was interesting and I enjoyed most of it. I say that, because closing the thing up took me just about as much time as all the other parts combined. :/

I started with this sweater. I marked off squarea, cut it out, and bonded some fabric to the backs to keep it from stretching.

Next step was to use heat and bond on striped fabric. I drew off the candy canes, cut them out and pressed them on the block.

Using a decorative buttonhole stitch, I appliqued the canes on and then attached some white grosgrain ribbon.

I sewed the front to the back, turned it right side out, stuffed it and sewed up the bottom. At first I did it by hand. Didn't like the result, and did it again. Nope. So, I tried it one more time on the machine. Not perfect, but much better. I can live with that.

Final result:

Me likey. Now, it's back to the grindstone....


  1. Thanks for sharing the sweater pillow. Looks so festive! I love it! Thanks for sharing it on my Minutes for Me Linky Party!