Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Trees

Seems like all I ever paint on canvases are trees.... but what can I say? They are easy. It took me a while to get this one right though. First attempt was a fail.

Mercy! I am extremely unhappy with this. Not only do the trees in the back look bad, but I was way too heavy handed with the antiquing. Not to mention that weird little empty blob on the right side...don't know how that happened... Back to the drawing board.

I filled in behind the brown tree limbs with a different color blue, dabbed a bit of white in the top left corner, and black in the bottom right corner, blocked in a simple white tree in the background, flicked some white and black paint on it and called'er done.

Much better. This is for a silent auction benefiting Special Olympics. I hope someone likes it enough to bid on it.


  1. Oh, yes the second attempt is so much better - very nicely done. And good luck at the auction.

  2. Wow, yes the second one is super!! I would bid on it :)

  3. I love seeing them side by side and hearing how you changed them. It looks great!