Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lamp Post

A post about a lamp...lamp on words?....ahem

I posted earlier that I intended to redo this lamp I wound up with, from my mother's household things. She was famous for having U G L Y lamps all over the house and it was a family joke. Since I needed a lamp, I took the least ugly one and decided to fix her up some.  Sister #1 doubted the possibility of making it usable and I took that challenge.

Plan A
I first thought to paint the entire thing shades of white and gray. Therefore I primed the base, and painted the shade. It took three good coats of gray paint to block out any light flowing through. I left the white on the base, and painted the wood parts gray. Hmmmm, not so happy with this.

Plan B
I bought a can of silver metallic spray paint and decided to make the base look like metal. With the first spray I didn't like it. And I also realized that everything in my house is either gold or brushed nickle finish.

Plan C
While trying to decide what to do to it now, I just covered the base with a red rusty brown looking primer and set it and the shade aside in my sewing room.

Plan D
While I looked at it every day for several days, I decided I kinda liked it this way. The color was more of a chocolate brown than red and it seemed to "fit" the lamp somehow. So, I decided to look for some fabric to cover the shade to match. I looked online and found something I absolutely loved, and it was perfect for what I had in mind.

I couldn't buy it, and had a revelation that I could paint the shade something like it. Sooo, here I go with cream colored spray paint to coat the shade first. While the shade dried, I coated the base with a glaze because I wanted it glossy.

Then I took out my trusty watercolor pencils to draw the design, and my craft paints. Let the fun begin!
When it was all finished, I put it together, stuck in a bulb, put it on the buffet and stepped back for a look see.



As you can see, I reversed the dark and light from the fabric and am pretty pleased with the result.

I'm happy with my lamp post. *grin*


  1. i want you to come and paint every lamp shade in my house! this looks great.

  2. Oh, my goodness!!! I never would have believed the lamp could be this beautiful! The shade is MUCH prettier than the fabric! I don't know how you do it, but you're sure good at it! :D

  3. It looks so great!!!!

    Ok, new challenge...go get the ugliest lamp and re-do it. And then sell it on Craigs list if you don't want it. But I bet you will want it because you did a fantastic job!

  4. Love! I love the reversed colors on the shade. It's a perfect fit for the colors already in your home. Very nice!