Thursday, October 20, 2011

Construction Junction

There's a song going on in my head now from "Schoolhouse Rock"...
Conjunction Junction, what's your function?......
That will be an earworm all day, I can see that now. *grin*

Here is the latest NICU quilt. Nothing intricate or involved.

I found a throw at our local "Spirit of Sharing" facility. (Goodwill type place) It seemed to be in pretty good shape, almost new, so I purchased it for a couple of bucks and washed it well. I thought it would be a fast, easy top for a quilt, since I wanted one more done before I delivered to St. Vincent's. I added the border to enlarge it, since it wasn't as big as I wanted, and then quilted it to some more fleece.

I learned that fleece on fleece can wind up just a tad wonky. But, I'm not worried about it since it's not terribly noticeable. And I'm sure if it were me receiving it, I wouldn't care how wonky it was. I hope and pray it blesses the child and parents who receive it.

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