Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Week's Work

Considering this week has been wild, I was able to finish two things.

No. 1: A NICU quilt. I dubbed it, "Round Squares".

It was inspired by this quilt. I don't remember where I found it, but if you know, please tell me so I can give proper credit. I do know it was called Appliqued Bubbles.

No. 2:  I actually completed an item of clothing for myself.

 After over ten years of not sewing anything to wear, I took the plunge. It's not all that, and was a little larger than I needed, but it helped me gain confidence again, and I know I can tweak it a bit to make it much nicer and fit better. The fabric isn't the nicest, nor is it what I would have chosen, but it was the only thing in my stash larger enough for this particular pattern. And I didn't want to ruin a good piece of fabric if it didn't work. This fabric was some of what my mother left in her monumental stash. Her legacy has allowed me to create a great many items for gifts and NICU. Thanks Mom. *grin*

I was considering going on hiatus with this blog. My daughter started it, but since LMW arrived, she does well to get the dishes washed, much less do anything crafty, so it's been all me for a very long time. I began thinking that I would just post all my crafty stuff on BLines and let this one go. That was until I saw how many views this blog gets. The new blogger layout is pretty informative. So, I will continue to post my crafty things here and more personal things on BLines. Thank you all for your support. Even if you lurk and don't comment. *wink*


  1. Very cute Quilt and love the inspiration. I haven't sewn clothing in a long time either. My SIL wants a shirt for her brother - purhaps after things calm a little. Love the background on this blog!!

  2. "Georgeous quilt, girl. You are one busy lady! I have several little skirts (made from hubbies' discarded pants) to help little girls make. They are easy, so hopefully they'll enjoy making them. Have a great weekend!

  3. A monumental stash sounds like it has been a great help to making certain you always have enough fabric. A shirt to big is always better than to small. Can you take it in a bit in the side seams or will that not work?

  4. I do not like sewing clothes. I just cannot get it right! I think I am too impatient or something. You did a great job!