Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend WIPs

I probably won't get much done on any of these this weekend. It's Mr. BLines' birthday tomorrow, and I will be busy cleaning and cooking all day today. Tomorrow will be church and visiting with family. Next week, I'll be loving on LMW more days than usual, since his Dad will have hip replacement surgery Tuesday. In the meantime, these things are patiently waiting for me....

Andy needs hair.

My mother made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for her grandchildren and even left some for her great grandchildren. Unfortunately, they didn't have hair. So, Andy waits on me to give him his. I'm getting there Andy. I can only do one or two rows before the pain in my hands make me have to stop.  Annie sits by with a smirk on her face. She already has all her hair. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!!

Next, I need to add a strip around these squares before I move on to the quilt as you go method of working on this particular quilt.

I did this with little squares. Should have done the strip method but it didn't work for me for some reason. Operator error caused me to have to rip the strips apart, and I just wound up cutting all these two and a half by two and a half squares and putting them all together. I don't know if I'll ever do that again....but I might.

NICU quilting phase.

I finally got around to sandwiching this NICU quilt and am almost done with this part. Hopefully I'll find time to finish it and get to the binding part sometime this next week.

In the planning stages....

I drew this from a photo I took of the beach on my vacation in Orange Beach. I need to get it enlarged, so that I can begin working on it as an art quilt. It will be my first one.

So many things I want to do....I'll get them done... Eventually.


  1. You're too funny B! Raggedy Ann...

    ALL your quilts are so pretty. How do you do it?

  2. I have a Raggedy Ann Doll from my grandma, but I don't think she made it --- I think she bought it somewhere. That's cool that your mom made them and left some for great grandchildren. I have a friend who is making quilts for future great grandchildren...
    I love your beginning stages of your beach quilt!

  3. Lots of neat things in progress! Of course I will be anxiously watching for your art quilt progress!