Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Finally reached 200 posts on The Seam Rippers. *grin* And it seems like I have 200 UFOs looking me in the face, every time I walk into my sewing area. Here are a few...

Working on a pillow that must be done by Sunday for a shower gift.  And the plaque that goes along with it needs some tweaking.

A Christmas gift project...shhhhh.

A NICU quilt.

I was able to get the burp cloth and bib that matches finished.

A new top for myself. I don't normally have good luck sewing clothes for myself because they never fit right. I'm using some older fabric in my stash to try it out this pattern the first time. Keeping my fingers crossed...

 There are many other things in that room that need attention. These are just at the top of the list.  This multi-tasking thing I have going on doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. *frown*

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  1. Holy cats! When do you sleep??? I want to see the top finished! Pretty fabric!