Saturday, September 24, 2011

My First Yarn Wreath

Yarn wreaths are all the rage these days so I just had to try my hand at one. Because I live in a small town, I have had the hardest time finding wreath forms. I was able to go to Hobby Lobby one day after a doctor's appointment in North Little Rock so I convinced the husband to let me stop and see what I could find. I picked up a styrofoam form as well as a very large vine wreath that was 50% off. I picked out some felt, since our Walmart only carries variety packs and I needed some specific colors. They also had patterned felt and I got some in houndstooth (I've ALWAYS loved houndstooth) and black and white damask.

I already had the grey yarn that I got for $2.33 at Walmart. So, I went to work wrapping--it took me a LONG time because I'm a perfectionist and it took awhile to get into the groove. I don't think it will take me as long the next time. If you're interested in a tutorial, just hang out on Pinterest for 5 minutes and you'll see one. If you don't have Pinterest (what are you waiting for? Go!), this is probably the best tutorial I've seen, although it uses a straw wreath wrapped in plastic as the form.

Here are some felt rosettes and ruffles I made whilst watching TV last weekend...

I made these sitting on the couch a week ago before I even had the wreath form.

I also made a peony with a variety of felt using yoonie-at-home's tutorial

Finished product. Took me probably 4 hours total which includes wrapping, creating the flowers, and getting it put together (I didn't do it all at once). I still need some sort of ribbon to hang it, but it's for a friend, whom I hope doesn't read this blog! and I'll get added before I give it to her. And like I said earlier, once I've done this a few times, it probably won't take quite as long but that will depend on the size of the wreath.

grey yarn wreath with black, grey, red, and white accents
And the cost was CHEAP:

12" Styrofoam beveled wreath form: $3.59 with 40% off coupon (originally $5.99)
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Light Grey: $2.33 for a full skein and I only used about half
Various sheets of felt: 25-50 cents a sheet (I used two full sheets and small pieces of four others)
Pearlized pins: around $2 for a box (you can use as many or as few as you like) or you can just hot glue the flowers to the yarn
Less than $10 for everything!