Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tee Shirt Quilt Finish

This is going to be a painful post. Why? Because I have realized, yet again, that I am not perfect. There. I said it. My pride has a way of getting in the way of my best intentions. This quilt is a case in point.

These are some things I learned while sewing this quilt. Some of them were just simple ignorance, some just being boneheaded, and some being in a hurry when I should have taken my time.

1. Do NOT use one color thread for the top stitching and a different color for the back. (Boneheaded me.) It didn't work that well. Especially since my new sewing machine was having a problem with the tension.

2. I'm not good at the starting and stopping. There's always an unfinished look to the ends. Someone tell me the best way to do that. (Simple ignorance)

3. I should use fusible webbing to the back of tee shirt fabric. (Simple ignorance) I didn't realize I should do that until I was half way done with the top. I should have ripped it all out and started again, but the (Being in a hurry) shook its head and I carried on. I did hand baste them all together first though. So that did help some with the stretching.

4. Don't put a monogram on the backing until it's quilted. (This would be a toss up.) I can't for the life of me get the backing to come out as straight as the top, so the monogram I put on the back was very slanted. Not to mention the quilting lines went through it.

I wound up ripping it off, and making another one. This time I put it on a separate piece and hand appliqued the entire square on the back corner.
Some of you seasoned quilters might give me a little suggestion on how to get the backing straighter or keep it straighter. I took a lot of time trying to position it, but still had issues.

So, the bottom line is...

Since I rushed it, didn't use webbing, had machine issues, and my pride got the best of me, I wound up with a quilt that from a distance looks pretty good. But some of the corner pieces are a bit off, there are a few tucks, some of the seams aren't exactly straight and some of the top colored thread shows on the back side in places. I agonized over this, but had to accept that I'm human, I make mistakes, and every quilt teaches me another lesson. (Or lessons)

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  1. No sashing and no fusible interfacing? Still very impressive.That would make it impossible for me!

    My only word of advice on this one---take the time to research how before you take on a commissioned quilt. You might have found out about the fusible interfacing.

    There are people that piece their backs.NO thank you!