Thursday, June 23, 2011

Workspace Issues

Ok, I have a problem and wonder if any of you out there do too. Or if any of you have any suggestions. (There will be no photo of this problem because it's too ugly to view.)

My sewing machine is in our guest bedroom. Our house is very small, and that is the only place I can leave it set up all the time. The room is carpeted. *insert unhappy face*

I clean and clean the carpet, but it's never completely free of fabric fibers, thread, and pins (OUCH!). If I don't clean it after every sewing session, it builds up until I wind up on my hands and knees picking things out of the carpet. This is very frustrating, because I don't want to spend valuable sewing time, picking the carpet.

Do any of you have the same issue? Or any thoughts on how I can manage this? I can't afford to replace the carpet with anything flat and smooth. I just finished a hand and knee session and thought I'd throw this out there to you smart folks and see what comes back.


  1. get one of those flexible, clear plastic mats for a desk, like one of these:

  2. I thought of that, but the space between my machine and the ironing board is just as bad and those aren't large enough to cover the whole area. Good idea though!!

  3. This is gonna sound so redneck, but....what about if you bought a remnant of lanolium from a flooring place and cut it to the size of that you needed??? it could cover your whole floor that way? And if it's a remnant, it would be much cheaper. I know that Showcase of Floors in Pine Bluff sales remnants....just a thought.


  4. Michelle, that's an idea worth considering. I thought about Erin's suggestion too, but those things are a little pricey :P