Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Finish And The Next Big Thing

In honor of the cows, I went with a black and white polka dot binding. I'm lovin' it! I added the bib and burp cloth in case they are needed and if there aren't enough quilts on hand in the NICU, these can fill in.

I like the white fleece backing too. I'm of the opinion that more color would have taken away from the aqua and red. Quilting with just the fleece was really easy. Not quite the same as traditional batting and backing, but fun all the same.

So, the next big thing has to do with this tub.......can you guess what?

That's right. A tee shirt quilt for a friend's son. This thing is packed full of tees and sweats.

We will have to do a little selective purging here. Too many for one quilt. I'll keep you posted.


  1. The quilt is beautiful! I LOVE it! It turned out fantastic! Your fleece idea is inspiring. I want to make something! And, AND, how funny you're doing a tee shirt quilt! I have the youngest grands elementary school tees and was wondering how to make a quilt from them. I would need a serger, I'm sure. :(

  2. REALLY cute! colors!

    =) new follower =)