Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goals For the Coming Week

I am scheduled to leave the house at 5:00 a.m. Sunday on my way to meet Sister #1 for our vacation in Orange Beach. So, I want to finish up some projects that have plagued me for weeks. I don't want to come back to them, and it will give me less stress knowing they are finished and I can move on to other things.

1. The Irish Chain Quilt. Bet you thought that was finished didn't you? Well, I never finished binding the edges. So, I've been working on it today and will try to finish it Tuesday. I have a class reunion this weekend and will not have the time to work on it.

2. The second NICU quilt. Just need to finish the binding on that one as well.

3. Get as far as possible on NICU quilt #3. It shouldn't be that much to deal with, since I'm using a block that's printed. All I have to do is quilt it.

Poor little kitty has a string on his tail.

I'm quilting "as I go", and it seems to be a lot less stressful. I think I need to just do them this way all the time. Especially since my sewing machine doesn't like the big projects, and a new machine is not possible.

Someone asked if I would be interested in donations for this ministry and I am. At first I wanted it all to myself (this was my baby, my idea and I think deep down, I wanted  to feel a little glory), then I was convicted that it was selfish and God's work is not about ME, it's about HIM and those little ones who need a touch of His love. So, if any of you want to provide a quilt for this, I would be delighted to take them. As a matter of fact, it would make it a little easier to gather together at least eight by the end of June. That is the average number of babies in the NICU at any given time.

The other goals I have are housework related. I hate to leave the house unless it's relatively clean. And since SR is not going, I'd like to leave it nice for him.

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