Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP and Finish Wednesday

Worked all afternoon yesterday on stripping this thing. I'm afraid there may still be places with a little gunk, but I intend to so a little light sanding and try the paint tomorrow.

All the curves and indentions in this thing are where the gunk lives. I've scraped it so hard in some places, I've taken wood away. So, I'm going to go for it with white paint on the bottom and try to stain the top again. If there are some dark places where the paint doesn't stick, I think it just may add some character. And if I can ever get to the paint store, I intend to get some glaze to antique it anyway.

And then last night, I finished this baby quilt I'm starting my ministry with. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

I just pulled the backing up and over for the binding. Sure made it easy.

If I'm not commenting on all my May For Me partners, it's because I'm trying to stay off the computer more and do more constructive things. I know I'm missing some good posts, but I'll catch up girls. I can't stay away long or I go into withdrawal.


  1. Aw! The baby quilt has little Hahira Honey Bees on it! That is one very pretty baby quilt. How much is hand quilting? How do you have time to sew and quilt AND strip furniture???

  2. PS Where did you find that adorable BEE fabric? Even the back looks like honeycomb! So cute!!!

  3. At the local walmart.
    I usually work like a demon when I don't have LMW.

  4. I also love the bee fabric. Guess that won't go with my bunny rabbits...

  5. Wow you have been busy! Lve the baby quilt, can't wait to hear about the ministry.

  6. I pray you are OK I know there were some storms in Arkansas!! Let us know if you are ok!