Monday, May 9, 2011

We Have a Winner

This morning LMW chose the winner of the fat quarter giveaway.

This is the prize.

LMW took his job as chooser very seriously.

And the name he drew out of the bowl is


Sharon said: 
"Happy birthday!
I love the fabric, I am doing a quilt-a-long in these colors."
Congratulations Sharon!! Email me with your mailing information and I'll get the fabric out to you as soon as possible!

Thanks to everyone who entered and made my very first giveaway so fun!!!


  1. Congrats, Sharon! And how sweet of LMW to help you draw the name. :) Also, you may want to post your email address on here.

  2. It's on my profile, but in case you need it Sharon, it's

    b dot lines58 at gmail dot com


  3. Congratulations to Sharon P from Sharon V

  4. Wow thanks! I emailed you me address.I know exactly what I will do with this!

  5. yay! and lmw is too cute! glad he's already helping out around the house :-)