Friday, May 6, 2011

While the Gettin' Is Good

I'm here for the moment, "while the gettin' is good" as we say in the south. My monitor is a little hit and miss at present and could go out on me at any time. I promise I will fulfill the giveaway if I do lose it.

Now, I will show you how much I've done on the Irish Chain "Modification" Quilt, as I think of it.

As you may can tell, I added fabric in strips to the top part, giving me enough to fold under and over the pillows. Then I appliqued the squares I had left to one of the strips. I like how it turned out.

All I have left to do, is to add a border, to lengthen the sides and bottom just a bit. I've got it laid on top of the quilt in this photo, to show me how much I need to add. I'll be very glad when it's finished, but it won't get done until after the party this weekend. I'm not going to stress over it any longer.

For a little fun and destressing yesterday, I put these two little items together.

They will go toward my new ministry idea. I will share what I'm planning in a post a little later on. It's one of my May For Me projects.

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