Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dresser Fail

I spent hours sanding and scraping this dresser I inherited from my Mom, and I thought all I'd have to do was clean it up. I want to use it as a computer desk, so I can replace the huge armoire I thing I use now. When I started cleaning, I found about 30 or 40 years of hairspray built up on it. In trying to remove that, I realized it was removing the varnish too.

So, I scraped and sanded, scraped and sanded until I was exhausted and sore. I thought I had it all taken care of, and proceeded to stain....

You see those shiny places? Well, that's where I still didn't get all the varnish off, and those places are tacky and gunky. Curses! Foiled again!  I started scraping them again, and realized it was just too monumental a task to not use some kind of heavy remover. So, to Walmart I go today to buy paint remover.

My original thoughts were to leave it all stained, without a varnish or poly. Now, I'm thinking since I've got to remove every bit of everything, I might as well paint it. Stay tuned as I figure out exactly what I will do. I REALLY wanted to have it done by the weekend, but looks like the weekend will be spent working on it instead.

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