Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finish and Frustration

I finally finished my Lily's Quilt's Little Big George QAL. It's really been done for a while, but I made it into a sham and had to find the time to make the pillow to go inside. Crazy.

It will now sit on my bed. *happy face*

As soon as LMW's big day is over, I plan to finish the quilt for this bed. So much to do and so little time.

And I've been frustrated with the Irish Chain. It started out so easy. And it really was until I accidentally put the quilt as you go squares together a little wrong. I didn't keep referring to my diagram and put too many rows across and that left me missing five squares. I had no choice but to take off the extra three, but I brainstormed God gave me some ideas.

The part that will fold over the pillows is all its own design. And I was able to put the extra squares to use. I'm glad of that, but every time I think I have it whipped, I see a blaring error and have to get out my trusty seam ripper.

I think I'm almost at the stage now where I can put on the last of the sashing around the edges. Oh please let it be so. I really want to finish this before the party on Saturday. It was because I wanted it to be pretty on the bed. Now, I just want to have the stress of it over by then....


  1. it's so pretty. i'm sure you'll get it done and have some time to relax before the party. good job!

  2. With the pillow area different, you'll always know which end is up - unlike the quilt on my bed which goes on sideways regularly. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.