Friday, October 1, 2010

Wonder Under vs Heat and Bond

I LOVE Wonder Under. Heat and Bond....not so much. You see, the Wonder Under is thinner, easier to trace patterns onto and easier to sew. The Heat and Bond is thicker, which could be a good thing when peeling the paper off, but my sewing machine does NOT like it. It causes the thread to do some weird something and shred. So I have to start over several times when trying to get a project finished. And for some reason, it causes my zig zag to skip stitches. Very strange.

Here is the latest project, and because of the Heat and Bond, it is not up to my usual standard.

LMW will be 5 months old on Monday. I can't believe it!!! This shirt is for the occasion, and if you look, you can see where I had to redo places a few times due to the H&B issues. I'm disappointed in how it turned out, but it will be ok.

My only complaint with Wonder Under, is that I have to find a Walmart associate to cut it for me. In Sheridan, the ladies have several areas they work and there isn't always someone handy when I'm there early in the mornings. Thus the purchase of the H&B which is packaged. I'll just have to wait next time for a helper. Not purchasing the H&B again.

1 comment:

  1. Love the shirt..I've never used heat and bond...probably wont now.
    I'm trying o figure out a shirt for Drex for the Race for the cure...if its ok weather for him to go. Any ideas????

    By the way...I LOVE Win's smile, he looks like such a sweet baby!