Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bye Bye Birdies

I love chickadees and have them scattered throughout my kitchen. For the past five years, I've even had them on my kitchen curtains. (Along with a few cardinals.)

I decided I'd like to get away from all the chickadees, regardless of how much I adore them, and I began looking for some fabric to replace the old vallance. While browsing through Walmart last week, I spotted something that I liked very much, but didn't purchase it because I just wasn't sure.

Skip ahead to yesterday, when I made my decision to purchase, and on to today when I created a new window covering.

I had the checked fabric in my stash, and something just told me to add it as an accent. I LOVE how it turned out.




  1. That turned out beautiful! I looove the fabric and the check is a great accent. Love it!

  2. Look great! Thanks for linking up.