Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now, I'm Done....Well, Almost.

The rest of my house is a total disaster, but my Christmas decorations done except for one item I'm still working on.  The tree is not exactly how I had invisioned it, but I had to cut costs somehow. Maybe by next year, I'll have enough gold ribbon to do what I really want.

It's really hard to see the truth of a Christmas tree in the daytime. But, I hope you can get the idea. I filled in some of the blank places with some of the ribbon. I probably could have added more balls, but.....nah.

I finally got a large candle for my dining table centerpiece. It didn't turn out as fancy as I'd liked either, but I'm ok with that.

I used depression glass serving pieces as the base. A large platter and a large bowl. The pattern is Ruby Red. My Mother-in-Law gave me several pieces of it.

I need to add a little something to my Nativity, and I know what, but I'll have to do it next year. (Or later in December) I think it needs some white netting, as was suggested to me by a friend who is going to do hers with that. Still, it's dignified and I like it.

I actually combined two sets I have. The stable belongs to a smaller resin set I have, and the people are ceramic and didn't have a stable. The angel is not very dignified, but it needed a little something.
Don't be hatin' , K?

And lastly, I had to ponder a few days about where to put the stockings this year. I decided not to hang them from the shelf on the wall. Mainly because I'm going to add the quilted hanging I'm still working on, right under that shelf.  SR suggested I don't hang them, since all the kids are grown and we don't really need them. Bite your tongue Scrooge! I fill those stockings every year. Yes, even for the adults. LeLe has mentioned that the best gifts come in the stocking! Little Doodle Bug has one, but no name yet. Gonna add that after the 10th.


  1. Trying not to hate but that angel has GOT to go. Just sayin'.

    And yes, my favorite part is the stockings.

  2. Your house is so pretty!!!!!!! I don't believe for a minute the rest is a disater. :)