Saturday, December 12, 2009

All Christmas Projects Completed

The last of my Christmas projects is done, and I'm a little lost. I finished the blanket Friday afternoon.

It turned out better than any of the others, and I suppose that is due to practice. But, today I have no pressing projects.  So, I thought I'd take some scrap fabric and see if I could create a quilted bib. 

I took a bib LeLe gave me for my birthday (ha!) and used it as a template. I cut out the front and back, and then cut out another layer out of the old quilt my grandmother gave me. It was the one I used for my reindeer quilt. There's still a lot of it left. I also cut out the letter W from some coordinating fabric, to use as an applique on the front. After using Wonder Under to secure it, I zig zagged it onto the front of the bib, then sewed the top to the back with the quilt in between.

It needed a little quilting, so I stitched around the letter, and around several of the circles. I then attached some hook and loop to the top, to connect it around the baby's neck.

It's my first try, so I'm fairly pleased with it. It has some flaws, but I don't think the baby will care.


  1. I love both of these! Maburn almost saw the blanket b/c I'm on the laptop and he could see what I was looking at, but I shifted so he couldn't see it.

  2. I was afraid something like that might happen, but I took a chance. Glad he didn't see it. Thanks for covering my buns there baby girl.