Monday, September 1, 2014

Two Finishes...Yay Me!

In all the hubbub that's been my life, I carved out some time to do these two baby quilts for the NICU. The first one is just a jumble of fabrics I grabbed out of my stash and blocked with scraps. I didn't do a lot of quilting on it, just the seams and corner to corner in the large areas. It's pretty colorful and I like it even though it's simple. It's sort of an Eye Spy, so that's what I'll call it.
 The next one actually began with the backing. All those red polka dots and the little daisies inspired me to do something in pink and red.
I love all the hour glass/bow tie blocks in this one. And I took some extra backing and appliqued three of the daisies onto the front to give it a little bling. I named it Daisy Chain.
I learned something from binding this little number. Normally, I sew the binding on the front first, then fold it over and press to the back, stitching in the ditch from the front.  I decided to leave off the pressing this time to see what would happened. I sewed it onto the back first and just folded it over as I stitched along on the front. I have to say that I believe this is the best job of binding I've ever done. Yay Me!

I have several larger quilts just calling out to me. They say, "Quilt me! Quilt me! I've been sitting here for months waiting for you! Please choose me!" I really don't like to leave a lot of UFOs....BUT I have some other projects I want to start. Maybe I just need to keep two sewing machines up and going all the time. One for quilting and one for piecing. I bet some of you do just that, don't you?!


  1. They are both cute, but love the daisy chain! What a sweet fabric on the back and love how you used a few daisies on the front - lovely touch. I like to sew the binding to the back and then turn to the front for a machine sewn binding - but it must have a border or you lose your lovely points or design. I have one machine for piecing and one for quilting/specialty work.

  2. Great quilts - hard to pick a favorite! Two Janome where I do most work but also the featherweight because I love piecing on it. blessings, marlene

  3. So cool beans! You make me want to quilt something!