Monday, September 15, 2014


Any David Bowie fans out there?
After thinking so very long about getting rid of the dresser in my sewing room...

I finally did. I moved some things around and now have a nice little "sit down and visit with me" space.
I LOVE IT! Both SR and LMW have taken advantage of the futon, sitting and talking with me while I sew. Well, LMW was actually playing on my tablet, but he WAS sitting there with me. *grin*
It was really hard getting rid of that dresser because my Dad made it for me, but I felt it was time.
The futon opens up to a full size bed, so there is extra sleeping space for guests or grandkids now. It makes my space seem much more open and inviting.

I'm one of those people who are never really satisfied with how the furniture is arranged, and I'm always thinking of how I could use the space more efficiently. I can honestly say that I believe I have finally managed to satisfy myself with this room. Other than gutting it and buying everything new, this is the best arrangement. Yay me!


  1. I have a very large, old, handmade dresser too - and it needs to go. But it is in a room I don't use so kind of out of sight, out of mind right now. I love your new room arrangement. I've been looking at futons too - Fall is always a furniture sale season. I have a huge sectional I want GONE.

  2. What you have done looks wonderful! I really like what you have on the walla for decoration. The circular arrangement is so eye catching.