Friday, October 4, 2013

Bea Blocks 9 and 10

We're in the home stretch with Beaquilter's Sampler Quilt Along. These two blocks didn't give me much trouble since I opted to do paper piecing on both of them.
I did make the star twice because my printer didn't print it out the correct size the first time. I was just going to add a border to it and call it done, but I decided I didn't like one of the colors I used. So, I did it over and am much happier with it.
I've done a pp house before, and I think I blogged about it. This one came together without any trouble whatsoever. The other one I had a bit of trouble with for some reason. It's always something, you know?
The next installment will be the last two blocks and putting the borders on. I'm looking forward to finishing this up.


  1. They both look wonderful, this is going to be a very nice sampler.

  2. uhhh they look great, LOVE the star, but I'm also partial to blues..... :)