Friday, October 18, 2013

March of the Toy Soldiers

Christmas is fast approaching and I finally am getting around to repainting some soldiers my Mom created a few years ago. I intended to do this last year and just never got around to it.
This is one of the before pics. Mom taught herself how to use my Dad's wood working tools after he died. She did a good job too. I sometimes miss my band saw.
This is my after. They just need some sprucing up, as they look a little weary.
LMW helped me a bit. He worked on one, while I worked on the other. Here is his masterpiece.
I'm not sure, but I think he may need a little more tweaking.

I can't believe it's so soon till Christmas. It sneaks up on me earlier and earlier every year! I'd best get busy!


  1. wow! what a transformation, it looks awesome

  2. These are adorable and how wonderful you have them.

  3. They looks so cute! Win did an awesome job helping Nana spruce up his great Grandma's works of art! Priceless!!!