Monday, April 15, 2013

Where I Work

I did  a little rearranging and organizing yesterday afternoon. My sewing space just didn't seem to be working for me as well as I thought it should, so I started moving things around to see if I could use the space more efficiently.
I have to use our guest bedroom, so the bed is a must. I started by shifting the headboard around to the right, with the bed facing the doorway.
I then moved my monstrous fabric cabinet from the far corner, to the wall where the door is. That was where my dresser was originally. It's really big too. (There's too much large furniture in this room....but we do what we have to don't we?)
After doing that, I realized I didn't have a place for my sewing machine. So my only option was to put it in the middle of the room. And it worked out perfectly!
I can look out the window at my bird feeders, see who is coming into the hall, and best of all, put my cutting table right beside me to save steps! What could be better?
 I even have my laptop right behind me to look at patterns and tutorials. I'm digging it. It also gives me some more wall space to hang a small quilt or two when I get to it. 

A little repurposing was done with this little basket thingy.

Can you guess where it came from? My old dishwasher. It's absolutely perfect for holding my scissors, pens,  lotion and odds and ends. I'm thinking of hanging it on the wall beside my chair. 

I love when a plan comes together!!

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  1. Gee come organize for me. Looks lovely - great quilt on the bed, too.