Saturday, April 6, 2013

April BOM

Here are the paper pieced blocks Janice and I did for April.
This wasn't supposed to be a chickadee. *grin* But I altered it to make it one. This was the third one I did. The first two didn't make me happy.

Here is Janice's bird. It's much brighter in color. I love it.
Since we always end up making two blocks for each month, this was the second one I did.
April showers bring May flowers....I got my bright in on this one. Heh heh. My only disappointment is that the pattern in the sky is off a bit in the right triangle. I didn't realize it until it was too late. I'm going to keep it though.

I've already done one for May but will wait until then to post it.


  1. Very cute! Yes, patterned backgrounds can throw you - a learning curve. Where did you get the bird block?

  2. I love the oops! I think every quilt needs one. Prolly mentioned this before, but my sister always includes an intentional oops in her quilts. Sometimes you really have to look, but they're there.