Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Progress

I don't have any new projects finished. Truth is, I took a little break and have just been doing a little hand stitching the past several weeks. But, I'm ready to get back into the game. Currently, I have three projects going. Two are hand pieced and one is machine.

Commissioned Log Cabin
A lady in my church asked me to make her a Log Cabin quilt in the colors of burgundy and green. I'm doing it in a chain and this is as far as I've gotten. There are 42 blocks as she wants a queen size. I've never done a Log Cabin, and had no idea how much fabric it would take. I've learned it's taking more than I thought but hopefully I purchased enough. I'm also learning that the supplies are costing a bit more than I anticipated. Since I quoted her a price without knowing what I was doing, I'll not make much but I consider it my guinea pig Log Cabin and the experience will be reward enough.

Summer Quilt
This light weight quilt is for my husband's "man cave". It's been pushed aside time and time again for other more pressing projects. I'd really like to get it done, but since I'm hand stitching it, there will be some time before I can finish it.

Paper Pieced Hexagons
We can blame give credit to Hillbilly Tonya for this. She has started me on a path of hexagon piecing and it's rather addicting to be honest. You just keep wanting to add more hexagons to get a nice pattern going. I'm sure I'm not doing it the proper way, but it's working for me. I realize looking at this photo that I probably should have used the aqua in place of the green, but it's too late now. It'll all turn out ok.

I do have one's my January block of the month square, but I'll wait until my partner in crime fellow BOM lady Janice is finished with hers and I'll show you both.

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  1. You don't always have to post a finish - it's about the path getting their that intriques. And a hand pieced project is a much longer process, but you will be so grateful you did it.