Thursday, January 24, 2013

One for Moi

My goals this week were to get the log cabin ready to quilt, get the biggest part of granddaughter's nursery linens done, and do one thing for me. Or "Moi" as Miss Piggy likes to say.

The log cabin needs one more narrow border at the top and bottom and she will be ready. I'm waiting on payday to get the rest of needed supplies to finish BGW's (Baby Girl Winston) nursery and that should happen by the end of the weekend.

For myself, I have wanted to make a table runner ever since I received this marvelously beautimous fabric in the mail from my good friend Tonya.  So, today was just for me and I practiced my fmq.
At first I tried to be very precise, but as the hours continued, I decided to just let it flow and enjoy myself. So, none of the stitching is right on target.
I had such a good time!
Did I mention how much I LOVE this fabric?!! I would have made curtains for my kitchen window, but there was only enough for the runner.
For the back and binding, I used some vintage fabric leftover from my mother's stash. It's obviously VERY vintage because there are some little holes in places. Since it's only for me, I didn't worry about that and there is enough stitching that those holes don't have a chance anyway.

This is where I placed it.
I'm happy happy happy.
I'm hooking up with Marcia's Minutes for Me!!

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  1. I think that is the most beautiful piece of fabric I have seen! I would use it as one whole piece, too - who wants to cut into that. And how lovely to add a bit of your Mom into a piece that is for yourself. Good for you!!