Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Score

The old man and I took a trip to Hot Springs today. After eating at Red Lobster, (my very favorite restaurant on the face of the planet) he agreed to let me check in Hancock's for some upholstery fabric and a quilting hoop.

Oh My Stars and Glory!!!!!!!!!! They were having a humongous sale. I could have spent hundreds of $$$ but managed to keep it under $40. They had two tables full of fabric for $1 and $.50. Be still my heart.

I held myself to under $10 on the fabric, but got several yards of these lovely prints for future projects.

I adore the chickens and the kitties!

Not to mention the frogs and lady bugs. It's going to be so much fun sewing quilts with these.

The poor little lady cutting my fabric told us she had been working eight days straight. And you could tell by her wilted spirit. She was probably twenty years older than me, and I know I couldn't stand on my feet cutting fabric and going back in forth on a concrete floor eight hours a day for eight days. Poor little thing. And she said she had two more days to go. I hope she makes it without falling.

Their upholstery fabric was on sale for half price, and SR and I searched and discussed different options for my dining room chair seats. They need recovering very badly and I'm anxious to get that done. This photo is the pattern, but not the true colors.

The background is more of a gray tan, and the red is a deeper, richer red. Not maroon, just a more saturated red. It's not what I thought I wanted, and SR was going to go with whatever I chose, but we both liked this so this is what I came out with. We are both happy campers.

I did find my quilting hoop, and can now do a better job of hand quilting when it's called for. I just had to share my luck! Have a great week everyone!!


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