Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Candy Ornament

In keeping with my new obsession, I've made another peppermint candy ornament. This one was much less time consuming and much easier. It was also larger so it will show up on the tree very well.

You will need:

White tissue paper
Peppermint striped scrapbook paper
Thin red  and white ribbon
Styrofoam disks

First, you will cut your tissue paper into a rectangle that will cover the disk,
(I used two layers of tissue paper.) Then, cut your scrapbook paper in the size of your disk.

 Fold one short side of your tissue paper over the center of the disk and glue.

Then fold the other side over and glue.

Pinch and twist the ends to resemble the ends of the actual candy.

Tie red ribbon around the twisted parts to hold them, then glue the scrapbook paper to the disk, making sure to add a white ribbon loop to the back for hanging. You could use fabric as well as paper and you could print out a picture of an actual peppermint candy disk to use. The stripes here aren't exactly what one looks like, but it works well enough.

And Wha Lah VOILA!! You have larger peppermint candies on the tree.

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