Thursday, April 22, 2010

Name Decor

For LeLe's first shower, Chelle had a banner with Little Man's name on it and owls on the end. LeLe wanted to use it in the nursery, and I already had a long frame that was collecting dust. Unfortunately, the letter and owls wouldn't all fit, so we improvised....

I reverse painted his name on the glass. Printed it out on the computer, taped it to the back and drew it out with a sharpie. Then turned it over and painted it with regular craft paint. It took several coats to make it solid. Then I took some fabric and hot glued it to the backing, and glued the owls in place. The frame was originally blue, and I painted it as well.   It turned out pretty nice for being free.

Still working on J's quilt. Having trouble "sandwiching" the top, fleece and bottom together, but got a good tip from a friend and I'll try that. I also decided I didn't like all the solid fabric on the sides, so I cut some of it off, and used leftover pieces to make a strip to go down the sides. No pic yet, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. this is adorable. and i've been really interested in the painted-glass of the frames, so it's nice to see it in real life!

  2. Cuteness!!!! Glad I could contribute to this boy's room decor!