Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Far So Good

Here is block number six for J's quilt.

And....drum roll please........


The quilt top is finished.

No, it's not symmetrical. No, the blocks are not the same. But it's unique and I created it as I went. I would have liked to used something a little darker for the side panels, but went with what I had intead of purchasing more fabric.

Now, I think the hard part begins. Or another hard part begins. I have to find fabric to back it and I'm thinking a sheet will do. The demensions at this moment in time are 99x82, but that will change when I finish the edges. I just have to find the right color sheet. Then I have to figure out how to handle all the bulk on my sewing machine to quilt it. I sure hope it works, because if I have to give up and do it by hand, it's gonna take a very long time.


  1. Find someone who does machine quilting before you have to go the 'by hand' route. I don't know about now, but it wasn't very expensive at all( a few years back) and they have a machine just for the job. It'll save your machine and your hands. Just a thought. AND...the quilt turned out fabulous! I love how it looks!

  2. The only problem with that, is that I wanted to do it all myself. :( What I'd really a quilting machine. Alas, they are terribly expensive.

  3. Ughhh! I heard ya'. I did that with a quilt I made for Tweeter. I didn't think I'd ever get the feeling back in my right hand, but I did it all mtself! Hey! Can you rent a quilting machine??? Go somewhere and rent time on one? Sounds like a good business to start to me.