Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coming Along

 I've been working in my yard and even though it's a little on the cool side, it's coming along.  First let me show you the results of using chalk paint on a resin flower container.

This is the before:
Weathered, faded and one little crack, but otherwise usable.
This is the after:
I accidentally skipped a step, but it turned out well anyway. I like the way it looks old. Now, with the chalk paints, you aren't supposed to have to prime or sand anything. And I mean anything....but in my experience, that is not the case if you want it to be durable enough to not scratch easily. I didn't prime this pot, or use a plastic spray. It will scratch, but it shouldn't get too much handling, so it will be fine. If I was going to sell it, I would have to do more work to it.
My next issue will be repainting the porch floor. It's a bit worn.

Now, my front yard.
You see this plant stand? Well, it's an old lamp stand I found in a shed at my grandmother's house years ago. I've tried for years to get it rewired, but no one I knew had the know how to do it. Enter Pinterest!! I found where someone had used one to hold a hanging basket and EUREKA! I found a use for it and am so glad I didn't give up and throw it out.
I had to bend the lamp parts out a little to accommodate the pot, but it's snug as a bug in a rug. I'm a happy girl.

This is another idea I found on Pinterest.
Well honestly, I actually saw it on a blog I used to follow. I found it again recently on Pinterest. I've been wanting to do it for over a year, and finally was able to. Do you like my little "mushrooms" that are out of inexpensive glassware? I started with this:
I wish they were a little more colorful, but I'm happy to have them done and out. I have some "flowers" made of plates and bowls in the works.
So, here is my front yard in all it's impending glory. I love the new color of my front door.

It's not Better Homes and Gardens, but it's the best I could do with my limited budget and resources, and I'm pleased with it. When the bushes fill back out and the flowers grow a bit, I know I'll love it.


  1. All you found and made items are just delightful. I do love that blue door!

  2. Belinda I love, love that plant stand idea. I'm going to the thrift store to look for a lamp. :) blessings, marlene