Saturday, January 25, 2014

My First "In The Garden" BOM Block

I told myself I wasn't going to add anymore quilt alongs to my list for a while. But that was before I saw In the Garden.  And here is my first block.
Some of the tree fabrics were a little light against the background, but I'm sure it will look fine in the end. I used scraps and when you do that, you use what you have. The only fabric I intend to buy for this is the background. I'm looking forward to all this fun paper piecing. Speaking of which....

I did a trial run of a paper pieced block using Jason Yenter's Return to Atlantis. Unfortunately, as you can tell by the photo, I'm going to have to change it up a bit. I only did a quick trial, and didn't even try to make it all fit right. I just wanted to see the fabrics together.
I have had this fabric for over a year, waiting on a decision about how to use it. I'd take it out and pet it from time to time. I will be adding something else to the mix, to make sure there is some contrast. Like this, it all runs together and you can't appreciate the beauty of the fabrics. I'll update later.

Other odd things in the works, but nothing close to being finished. I just wanted to pop in and say hello.


  1. Love your trees, I am saving these patterns for future play.

  2. I love those trees Belinda - looks like this is going to be a fun quilt. :) blessings, marlene