Monday, February 17, 2014

Neon Seas

I finally finished a labor of love made from Jason Yenter's Return to Atlantis fabric line. I have named it Neon Seas for obvious reasons.
The quilt top is roughly 70x80 and even though I REALLY want to get to quilting it, it must wait a little while. I have other pressing projects to get out of the way so I can settle in and take my time with quilting this one.
The pattern I used for paper piecing was The Stained Glass Star I found free at eQuiltPatterns.  I meant to miter the corners but made a tactical error and had to rethink that. I paper pieced the corners similar to the inside body and I think it turned out just as well.
I have another project I finished and I'll share that in a different post. It's good to have something to share on the blog, since I've neglected it for so long.


  1. But I think your error in your corners turned out just a lovely fix - like it so much better. This is just gorgeous!

  2. This is gorgeous! good job on it...

  3. Beautiful!!! I can't imagine having the patience to do such stunning work as this! Love it!!!

  4. Wow - this quilt is amazing! blessings, marlene